Let’s See What a Canon Camera Can Do

Written by Api Sulistyo

June 25, 2020

Almost ten years ago I received a very special Christmas present, Canon Rebel  XS. I was very excited with my new toy and I took so many pictures. I also took it with me during my international travel to Indonesia. Most of the pictures are high quality. All in all I am satisfied with the results. However, due to the significant improvement in the camera quality built in cellphones, I found that my camera is less practical. I was not able to share the pictures with other people immediately like the way I share pictures from my cellphone.

For a few years I did not use my camera, yet I kept charging the batteries. I also lost the cord to upload pictures from my camera to my computer. I have enjoyed the ease and practicality of cellphone photos. I took pictures of a family event, for example, and I shared them with my family in Indonesia within a few seconds. The world is shrinking dramatically.

However, I miss the sharpness of the pictures from my camera and the ease of focusing on something and blurring the rest. Last week I purchased a new cord and charged the two batteries for my camera. I felt the excitement to be able to take great pictures again. For the first trial, I went to Blackhawk Lake yesterday, located two miles away from my house. It is a small lake and the path is about 1,5 miles long. I took a few pictures and they came out amazing.

I then decided to go to Jensen Lake in Lebanon park. It is a bigger lake with an approximately 2,5 miles long hiking trail. I found more objects to take pictures of including the wooden pathways, the trees, and flowers. I am sharing with you some of the pictures I took. The beauty of the flowers and trees will not stay long with us. So let’s appreciate them while they last, before the season changes.

My camera is not as practical as my cellphone, but I am very satisfied with the quality of the pictures I took with it.

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