Enjoying a Summer Day, an American Way

Written by Alex Sulistyo

June 6, 2020

It started from the moment I woke up. I checked my phone, looking for any new notifications or messages received overnight. It was Friday, June 5th, and I had a new message from my girlfriend, Madi. She invited me to go boating on Lake Marion in Lakeville, Minnesota with her and her friends. Knowing the weather would be perfect all day, and that I haven’t been on a boat since last summer, I was as excited as can be. I texted her back, showered, and got dressed. Soon after breakfast, I left for her house around noon. It took me around ten minutes to reach her house.

When I got to her house, her family’s boat was already on the trailer hooked up to her car. We were so ready. It took us about twenty minutes to reach the lake. As we were driving to the boat launch, we blasted fun music and sang along with our spirits high. I was very happy.

We sat on the boat as her dad backed it up into the lake. The fresh smell of the trees and water put a strong smile on my face. The boat flew across the water as the wind blasted into my face and hair. Beef sticks, Doritos, Yogurt and cold water kept us going as we watched other people jet ski and pontoon.

Her friends leaped onto the boat as we slowly approached the deck in front of us. Dancing and laughing along with friends are what makes being a teenager in America so great. Before I knew it, I was water-skiing on waves behind the boat. After we dropped off her friends, it was just Madi and I. The two of us, lying on our backs, baking under the sun. Time flew by as our skin got darker under the sun.

When 6 pm hit, it was time to go home. Five hours of sun, water, music and laughs is what made this day so special. The hot sun drained all of our energy like a plant in the desert. Even on the way back to her house, we were still singing along to music and telling stories. We said our final goodbyes for the day, and I drove home in our family van.

Being a teenager in America has its ugly moments, but days like this are what keep us going and striving for more. My evening was not done there. When I got home, sun-burned and tired, I still had a loving family, and an amazing dinner was waiting for me. I feel fortunate. This is what it is like for me, to be a teenager in America.

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