Eighteen Hour Drive with Love

Written by Megan Sulistyo

May 22, 2020

I live in Portland, Oregon. During the pandemic in April, my boyfriend, Rob and I had an opportunity to visit his family in Park City, Utah. After spending the month of April quarantining in Utah with his family, we received a message from my mom in Minnesota asking if Rob and I could drive to Minnesota next to spend a couple of weeks with my family. Even though it is a long drive and traveling further east would put us farther from our inevitable return to Oregon, we decided that the drive would be worth it if we were to spend a month quarantining in Minnesota as well.

So, the following Saturday (5/2/2020) before 5:00am Mountain time, we packed up and made the 18-hour drive from Park City, UT to Eagan, MN. It is a distance a little less than 1300 miles (2000 Km). We were driving through the states of Wyoming and South Dakota at the average speed of 80mph/125kph. Rob was driving most of the time and we were stopping as few times as possible to be safe and to save time. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery along the way while listening to our favorite music and comedy. We packed enough food from home to lasted us the entire drive and gave us the energy to complete our journey. We finally arrived in Eagan around 1:00am to see my family who had been waiting for us.

Of course, we were exhausted by the end of the drive. We will enjoy every minute with our family before our long journey back home to Portland at the end of our time here in Minnesota. The quality time with family has always been and will always be one of our biggest values.

If you are missing your family and friends during this time, take the time and make the drive. When are we going to have this much free time and flexibility to travel cross country again?

If driving is not an option, make the effort to call your family and friends once a week to check in and tell them you love them. It will go a long way!


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